FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

1. Can only one person come to the simulator during the experience?

The pricing of the simulator is based on time and therefore the flight can be followed by even a larger group. However, operating an aircraft usually requires that only one can fly at a time. The pilot can be changed during the experience. The cabin can accommodate 2 + 4 people and there are also standing places. Entrance to the Aviation Museum is included for all participants.

2. I have never flown an airplane, is this experience right for me?
Yes! This experience is for everyone and no previous experience is required. You will control the aircraft yourself and you will find out that it is not that complicated.

3. Is a visit to the Aviation Museum included in the price?

4. I have a gift card for the Airbus A320 airliner simulator. Can I use it in the Boeing 737 Max simulator?
Yes and vice versa.

5. Is the simulator moving?
No! Our simulator is the so-called fixed-based. However, the large 200-degree display guarantees a feeling of movement. Genuine passenger planes also do little movement, except for take-off and landing.

6. Do you have employee benefit plans as a means of payment?
Yes! Smartum and Edenred. Does not apply to Finnair's full flight simulators!

7. How do I pay for a flight?
You can pay for the flight simulator experience on the spot with a card (not AMEX or Diners), a gift card or an invoice. We no longer accept cash due to its low demand.

8. My gift card has expired - do you give extra time?

Unfortunately we do not give extra time as the gift card has already been valid for 12 months. In special situations, we can give up to 2 weeks extra time for gift cards purchased from us.

9. When can I cancel the time free of charge at the latest?
24 hours before the flight.

10. Are your instructors real pilots?
Yes! Most of us are professional pilots.

11. Can I make photos in the simulator?
Yes, you can take photos and make videos in the simulator.

12. Is there an age limit for the simulator?
No! This experience is for everyone. However, it can be difficult for people under 170 cm to reach the pedals of the Airbus A320 aircraft. However, pedals are hardly needed and our instructor can help you use them. It may be difficult for the smallest pilots to see over the cockpit panel, which makes it more difficult to land. However, we have a height adjustment on the bench that helps. We have had 6 year old pilots who have been able to fly just fine :)

13. Is there a zero tolerance in the simulator?
No. However, alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the simulator. Absolute zero tolerance in the full flight -simulators!

14. Can I choose the airport to depart from?
Yes! We have a simulated world and about 24,000 airports.

15. In what languages do you serve?
Finnish, Swedish, English and Russian